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Karera Pres. Most Wanted [KARERA044]


Artist: VA
Title: Karera Pres. Most Wanted
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Label: Karera
Release Date: 00.01.2017
Quality: 320 kbps
Download Source: Web

Adam Eve – Lost (Original Mix) 7:13 /120bpm/ Cmin
Adam Stacks – Felicity (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 6:58 /120bpm/ Amin
Andlee – Endorphine (Original Mix) 7:25 /122bpm/ Emin
Andlee – Something On My Mind (Original Mix) 5:22 /120bpm/ Cmin
Andlee – Take More (Original Mix) 6:50 /122bpm/ Dmin
Andlee, Far From Home, Kai Hillmann – One for Me (Original Mix) 5:58 /124bpm/ A#maj
Andlee, Kollektiv Klanggut – Hit Me (Original Mix) 7:21 /124bpm/ Amin
Andlee, Pascale Voltaire – Clear (Original Mix) 7:11 /123bpm/ A#min
Bara Bröst – Sexy Beast (Mat.Joe Remix) 6:02 /122bpm/ Amin
Bassmelodie – African Rhapsody (Floreano Remix) 7:29 /123bpm/ F#maj
Beatamines, Andlee – Blazing (Original Mix) 6:35 /122bpm/ Amin
Benn Finn – Come Home (Adler & Finn Mix) 7:45 /124bpm/ F#min
Benn Finn, Andlee – Neon (Original Mix) 6:18 /120bpm/ Amin
Bill Daggs (DefDfires), SoKool – Feel (Original Mix) 6:53 /122bpm/ Cmin
Boy Next Door, Naked Tape – Outside (Kollektiv Klanggut Remix) 6:33 /123bpm/ A#maj
Brattig & Soloma – Turn of the Light (Feat. Mario Morar) (Boy Next Door Remix) 7:42 /121bpm/ Dmin
Comuno – Resonance Room (Original Mix) 7:32 /124bpm/ D#min
David Keno – Body Thing (Original Mix) 6:50 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Dole & Kom – Who Knows (Madmotormiquel Remix) 6:15 /120bpm/ Dmin
Elanetique – Love Can Be the Answer (Modern Talker Remix) 5:40 /120bpm/ Amin
Florian Mutig – Sad (Original Mix) 6:38 /123bpm/ Dmin
Freiboitar – When We Went Insane (Andlee Remix) 6:12 /124bpm/ D#min
Grigor Mundo, Nico Morano – Ticket to the Moon (Original Mix) 5:23 /120bpm/ A#min
Jacek Janicki – Out of the Streets (Original Mix) 7:40 /122bpm/ F#maj
Jacek Janicki – The World Without You (Original Mix) 6:48 /125bpm/ Emin
Kaldera – Hold (Original Mix) 7:08 /122bpm/ Cmin
Kollektiv Klanggut, Andlee – Universal Key (Original Mix) 7:01 /124bpm/ Gmin
Marius Mysliwiec – Deserve (Original Mix) 6:28 /120bpm/ Amin
Matthew Maddish, Annek – Nia Nights (Beatamines & Andlee Remix) 6:45 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Moe Ferris – Dark (Original Mix) 6:43 /124bpm/ Dmin
Moe Ferris – Light (Original Mix) 6:52 /124bpm/ D#min
Mountal – Sneak (Original Mix) 6:24 /121bpm/ Bmin
Nicolas Hannig – Blaze Love (Original Mix) 7:04 /122bpm/ Fmaj
Ryan Dupree – Without You (Boy Next Door Remix) 7:12 /120bpm/ Fmaj
Ryan Dupree, Kollektiv Klanggut – Movement (Original Mix) 6:28 /124bpm/ Gmin
Sasch – Rock the Boat (Original Mix) 6:11 /120bpm/ F#min
SoKool – Lika (Original Mix) 6:40 /120bpm/ F#maj


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