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Third Son – 20 Days [PLP01]

Artist: Third Son
Title: 20 Days
Genre: Electronica/Indie Dance
Label: Polymath
Release Date: 00.05.2020
Quality: 320 kbps
Download Source: Web

Third Son – Accident, The Best Artist Of All (Original Mix) 1:30 /80bpm/ Cmin
Third Son – Blackhole feat. Joe Wilson (Original Mix) 5:36 /117bpm/ Cmin
Third Son – I’ve Finally Got My Head Together, Now My Body Is Falling Apart (Original Mix) 5:48 /128bpm/ Cmaj
Third Son – Lifewindow (Original Mix) 5:45 /125bpm/ C#maj
Third Son – Mallet Finger feat. Michelle Manetti (Original Mix) 6:21 /127bpm/ Gmin
Third Son – Mindcloud (Original Mix) 6:04 /128bpm/ D#min
Third Son – Sandrushka (Original Mix) 5:56 /126bpm/ C#maj
Third Son – Seize What Flees (Original Mix) 5:01 /128bpm/ C#maj
Third Son – Summer Long, Now Gone (Original Mix) 1:59 /125bpm/ A#min
Third Son – Surge feat. C.A.R. (Original Mix) 6:18 /123bpm/ Dmin
Third Son – You Are The Project (Original Mix) 2:52 /127bpm/ Gmin


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